9 ways to style a Lob.


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So you cut your hair into a Lob. Excellent.

You probably feel fresh and modern and have drastically reduced the amount of times you’ll get sweaty neck over summer. Except you’d like to wear it up occasionally, maybe into a topknot, but then this happens:


Since it’s very possible you have a better social life than I do (seriously, it’s not that hard). Chances are you’ll be attending a few Christmas parties this silly season and need a couple of easy go-to styles to switch up your look.

A 2-minute hair tutorial for your dirty lob.

Enter Jennifer Lawrence. Sure, everyone went through the phase of declaring her as their celebrity BFF du jour but then she tripped over too many times, and we suspected her lack of coordination was not authentic. But there’s a good reason to put her back on your radar, she (or more accurately her stylist) is doing great things with her short hair.

But J-Law isn't the only celebrity styling up her Lob in excellent ways, Kate Mara, Nicole Richie and Karlie Kloss (before extensions) are all worth a peek.


If all else fails, you could always do what I do, pin it up with a distracting hair accessory and hope for the best.

Et Voila! Also, all I want for Christmas is a selfie stick. KIDDING.

Good luck!