Incredible ways you can store your makeup, according to top beauty bloggers.


Until a few weeks ago, the state of my makeup collection was… offensive.

There were multiple makeup bags full of foundations with no lids, half empty mascaras, contouring kits I purchased when I was ambitious enough to think one day I’d contour, and a brown eye shadow that has somehow spilled and got all over my hands every time I tried to find something.

One day, as I was applying my foundation mixed in with the rogue brown eye shadow I whispered to myself, “This is not ideal.”

So, I went onto YouTube and watched more ‘MAKEUP STORAGE OVERHAUL’ videos than I would care to admit.

I learned many, many new tricks, and also worked out where you can buy storage items for as cheap as possible. Here are the most important takeaways:


Lauren Curtis has a frankly absurd amount of lipstick and I for one cannot stop looking at it.

She has an enormous dressing table, with separate drawers for each product.

This is a... dream. Image via Lauren Curtis YouTube.

Most of her lipsticks stand upright, so you don't have to a rummage in order to find the one you're looking for.


Image via YouTube Lauren Curtis.

Howard Storage World sells lipstick organisers for $15, that look like this:

Lipstick holder. Image via Howard's Storage World.

You can buy them here.

Alternatively, Kmart sells cosmetic organisers for $7, with a specific spot for lipsticks.

Image via Kmart.

You can buy this product, here.

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Mascara and eyeliner

Chloe Morello keeps her mascaras and eyeliners in various containers, inside her dressing table.

Image via Chloe Morello YouTube.

You can buy plastic drawers that allow you to lay everything out, like eyeliner, mascara and blush.

Image via Catch.

This product is $39.99 from Catch, and you can buy it here.

Your other option is to store mascara and eyeliner in pots, jars or canisters, which you can buy for less than $10 from Ikea or Kmart. Here's an example of a cube organised from Kmart for $7:

Image via Kmart.

You can buy this product, here.


A number of beauty bloggers keep their brushes in canisters much like the one above, and fill it with coffee beans so the brushes stay upright.

Image via Howard's Storage.
Image via Howard's Storage.

Otherwise, anything from a toothbrush holder to a jar to a small vase works to store all your makeup brushes.

Kmart has lots of jars just like this, that will cost you less than $5.

You can check them out here and here.

Image via Lauren Curtis Youtube.

Eye shadow

Lauren Curtis and Chloe Morello have never ending eye shadow collections, and store them by simply placing dividers in a drawer.

Image via Lauren Curtis YouTube.

A pack of four organiser baskets retail at $8 from Howard's Storage World, and you can buy them here.

Image via Howard's Storage World.


Lauren Curtis' space for foundation is similar to eye shadow.

Image via YouTube Lauren Curtis.

The boxes are square rather than narrow, and can also be purchased at Howard's Storage World in a set of four for $8.

If, like me, you're pressed for space, there are a number of affordable shelves you can purchase from Ikea (like this one) or wall hangings like this one (it's only $8 on Amazon):

Image via Amazon.

May your makeup collection no longer be chaotic, and perpetually stained with foundation and/or mascara.


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