Quick tip: How to make your mascara and eyeliner last longer

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Reaching for your mascara or liquid eyeliner and finding them crusty and dried out is so frustrating. Stop this happening to you by following these tips.


Stop pumping your wand into the tube a hundred times each day. Every time you do this, you are pushing air down into the tube and drying out the mascara. It has no benefit whatsoever – it does not put more mascara onto the wand, I promise!

Liquid eyeliner

For a pen version of liquid eyeliner, ensure you always keep the lid on when you’re not using it and secondly try and store it upside down. Put it in with your makeup brushes so it’s standing up instead of lying flat.

For a liquid/gel pot version, the only way to stop it drying out is keep the lid on at all times – as soon as you have the product on your brush, close the lid. Simple.

If your crusty mascara wands are beyond help, why not try one of these 9 lash-lengthening mascaras?

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Do you have any other suggestions for how to prolong the life of your mascara?