Fabulous winter hats and how to wear them (without getting hat hair).

Winter hats are often admired – but seldom worn. They sit idle in our wardrobes, begging to be loved – but never make it onto our heads. They suffocate under scarves and gloves, but unless an annual trip to the ski slopes is in order, they never get an outing from the wardrobe.


Are we avoiding attention?

Don’t we know how to wear them?

Or perhaps – most devastating – do we just fear the dreaded ‘hat hair’?

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Author, Annie Sophia with hat hair.

We have such a small winter window of opportunity to enjoy our winter hats. Let's see how we can get them out of the wardrobe on onto our very stylish heads.

The Beret

Hat Hair tip: Part your hair on the opposite side before putting the beret on.

Once off, sweep to the other side to increase volume.

Felt Hats

The Fedora

The Cloche

The Panama

The Bucket

Hat hair tip: Take your felt hat off and run your fingers through your hair several times. This prevents the hair from clumping together.

The Tweed Newsboy Cap

Hat hair tip: No need to battle the hat hair. Why not take the hat off and pull your hair up into a pony tail? If your hair is short, run your fingers through the length of it several times.

The Beanie

Hat hair tip: The most challenging of all. This requires a full head tip forward:

Fling the hair back:

And your hair will have bounce again.

Have a rummage through your wardrobe and see what forgotten beauties you can discover, or find winter hats at your local retainers, in specialty hat shops, local artisan markets and online.

This one is from an antique shop in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

Let us know what hat hair triumphs you've had in the comments.

Annie Sophia is a fashion stylist and you can contact her via her website, email, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter.

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