Married at First Sight’s Simone on the five habits that are making you break out.

Some of us are simply just acne-prone. We’re trying our best though by investing in good skincare, we’re eating healthily, and we’ve got a water bottle on standby.

However, there are some other little changes you can make that can help promote clear skin. They are simple, easy, and you might even ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Here are my top five tips to help prevent breakouts:

1. Only use your face wash cloth once.

If you’ve taken my skincare cleansing advice about washing your makeup off with a wash cloth prior to washing it for a second time, great! But please, use it once and throw it in the washing pile.

The last thing your skin wants is for you to wash it again the following night with the makeup, bacteria and dead skin cells collected on the wash cloth from the night before. I know, gross.

Watch: Four ways to use a facial mist. (Post continues after video.)

2. Use a clean face cloth.

Every time you wash your face, use a clean face cloth to dry your skin rather than reaching out for the communal bathroom hand towel. Drying your face with a clean towel every time will minimise the risk of cross-infection.

So, take those few extra steps to the linen cupboard and make a clean face towel a part of your cleansing regime.

Image: Instagram/@simoneleebrennan

3. Wash your pillow case.

Washing bed sheets and remaking the bed again is the bane of existence for many, but I strongly recommend washing your pillow case every second night.

Why every second? Well, the first night you sleep on one side, then flip it over for the second night.

What your skin really doesn’t like is having to attempt its crucial renewal process whilst battling with the remnants of your dirty hair strands, dead skin cells and any other bacteria that’s decided to join you for a sleepover. Wash the pillowcase and let you skin enjoy a bacteria-free night’s sleep. (Post continues after gallery.)


4. Disinfect your phone.

Let me tell you, the ‘Hotling Bling’ ain’t so hot when all you’re doing is reapplying that cheekbone contour from last Friday night via your mobile phone screen.

Mobile phones are so dirty, and when I say ‘so dirty’, I mean ‘18 times worse than a public toilet’ dirty. (Believe me, I’ve done the research). Think about it: everything your hands touch, your phone touches. Door knobs, elevator buttons, money, other people’s hands, other people’s phones... you’d be better off resting your face on a public toilet seat rather than putting your mobile handset against your cheek.

Too far? Okay, maybe a little. But, you get my point. Please, buy a packet of anti-bacterial wipes and start sanitising your selfie device.

Watch: A simple face mask you can create at home. (Post continues after video.)

5. Clean your makeup brushes.

I feel like a broken record preaching this one, but I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll say it again: Clean. Your. Brushes.

To simply quote myself from a previous blog: ‘With as little as one use, makeup, oil, dirt, dead skin cells and, of course, bacteria, make themselves a little home within the bristles of your makeup brushes, anxiously waiting to transfer germs to your face.’ I needn’t say any more.

Images: Instagram/simoneleebrennan

Do you have a preferred routine for preventing breakouts?

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