How to take a shower: Because apparently we're all doing it wrong.

In my internet travels this week I, perplexingly, came across an article called, ‘Showering: You’re doing it wrong,’ and then another one popped up in my Facebook feed, ‘How To Take a Shower: Yes, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong.’

Now maybe they caught me at a weak moment, or maybe on some deeper level in my subconscious I think I am a totally failing in the shower department but I went down that rabbit hole friends, and here’s what I discovered.

(Hey, we all need a little life guidance from time to time, right?)

Mistake #1: Thinking there isn’t more to showering than you know, showering.

Mistake #2: Taking your sweet time in there.

Fathers of teenage daughters REJOICE because the jury is back: long, hot showers do nothing for your skin. Well, they do make it wet for long periods of time BUT nothing good will come of it. In fact, the main body of thought on this one is that long hot showers exacerbate dry skin and ‘generalised itching.’ Whatever that is – I don’t want to know. Most unhelpfully the professional in question didn’t put a timestamp on it, so god help your lost water-logged soul.
You had one job to do, and that was wash all the suds off. GOSH. If you’re regularly leaving the cubicle with soap bubbles on your skin, dermatologists say you can look forward to a lifetime of skin irritation and dryness. You’re welcome.

Mistake #3: A sloppy rinsing routine.

Mistake #4: Using a towel.

You know when you turn the taps off and automatically reach for the towel and start rubbing yourself all over with the towel? Wah Waah. You’re doing it wrong. Apparently you’re supposed to pat yourself dry, which means you could definitely sub in a chamois for your terry towelling.

Mistake #5: Doing it everyday.

Mothers of newborn babies aside, most of us tend to shower on a daily basis. Throw in a gym session, maybe a pre-date spruce up and that number doubles or triples but that’s a silly, outdated way of thinking. The new trend in personal hygiene is ironically called ‘cleansing reduction,’ where it’s perfectly acceptable to only shower once a week.

This rather dubious trend comes from a rather dubious study in the rather d   Daily Mail so take it with a grain of bath salts. And besides, as history tells us those Brits have been bath-slumming for centuries.

Finally I’ll leave you with this gem that I find so deeply inspiring that I’m considering having it embroidered on a pillow. “If you wash your hair every day and shower every day, you’ll use up that bottle more quickly.” It doesn’t get deeper that folks.

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And now that we’ve gone down this path, how often do you shower? Wash your hair? Are you a ‘water-only’ gal?