How to take a shower: Because apparently we're all doing it wrong.

In my internet travels this week I, perplexingly, came across an article called, ‘Showering: You’re doing it wrong,’ and then another one popped up in my Facebook feed, ‘How To Take a Shower: Yes, You’re Probably Doing It Wrong.’

Now maybe they caught me at a weak moment, or maybe on some deeper level in my subconscious I think I am a totally failing in the shower department but I went down that rabbit hole friends, and here’s what I discovered.

(Hey, we all need a little life guidance from time to time, right?)

Mistake #1: Thinking there isn’t more to showering than you know, showering.

Mistake #2: Taking your sweet time in there.

Mistake #3: A sloppy rinsing routine.

Mistake #4: Using a towel.

Mistake #5: Doing it everyday.

Mothers of newborn babies aside, most of us tend to shower on a daily basis. Throw in a gym session, maybe a pre-date spruce up and that number doubles or triples but that’s a silly, outdated way of thinking. The new trend in personal hygiene is ironically called ‘cleansing reduction,’ where it’s perfectly acceptable to only shower once a week.

rather dDaily Mail

Finally I’ll leave you with this gem that I find so deeply inspiring that I’m considering having it embroidered on a pillow. “If you wash your hair every day and shower every day, you’ll use up that bottle more quickly.” It doesn’t get deeper that folks.


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And now that we’ve gone down this path, how often do you shower? Wash your hair? Are you a ‘water-only’ gal?