No judgement, but here's exactly what your shower habits say about you.

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You can tell a lot from a person by how they shower. No, really.

For example, are you a night or morning shower person? Do you prefer loofahs or exfoliation gloves? Are you a water saver or splurger?

Your in-shower routine may seem like a set of basic habits you automatically and instinctively do, but they’re a lot more telling than you think.

From loofah lovers to shower songstresses to multi-tasking mavens, here’s what your go-to shower moves really say about you.

1. Do you face the shower head, or turn away from it?

Ahh the age-old question. Do you stand facing the shower-head mid-rinse, or do you stand with your back to it?

For those in the former category, maybe you’re more of a meditative, philosophical person. You perhaps identify as a bit of an introvert, and prefer to spend your me-time lost in deep shower thoughts.

For those who’d rather feel the energising rush of water on our backs, instead of our faces, you know you’re in the mainstream, and have no problems with being so. And hey, who doesn’t want a gentle back massage every time they hop in the shower?

As for people who spin or rotate… you’re truly in a league of your own.

2. Do you fancy yourself a bit of an in-shower songstress?


You’re a performer. Whether other people recognise your vocal talents is beside the point, but the bathroom is your domain, and the shower head is your microphone.

From pop ballads to Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5,’ when the hot water comes on, so does your inner Whitney Houston.

You wouldn’t admit this out loud, but you’re also probably not over the fact that you never got to flaunt your pipes on Australian Idol, because dammit, you could have been the next Paulini. Or Guy Sebastian.

3. Or maybe you prefer to listen to podcasts, or catch up on some Netflix?


You’re a bit of a culture nut, and maybe you get a bit of FOMO when you’re not bingeing on the current chart-topping true crime podcast series, listening to a daily news wrap-up, or squeezing in a few minutes of your favourite show.

You love – nay, need – to have your finger on the pulse, are a master multi-tasker, and obviously have the hearing ability of a bat.

4. Are you a loofah or exfoliation glove kind of person?

Exfoliation matters, as does your tool of choice.

Loofahs offer a bit more luxury, and the loofah fans know this to be true. You like to take your time to really relish in the moment, and enjoy the fragrance of your chosen body wash. Oh, and you love a lather.

But for those who love to whack on the exfoliation gloves, look out, because you mean business. You don’t do anything by halves – whether that’s scrubbing off your dead skin cells, or taking on a new hobby.

5. You use the body wash straight from the bottle.

It’s not that you cut corners, or that you’re lazy, you just prefer to streamline your daily routine in every way possible.

A minimalist in every sense, in the words of Marie Kondo: if it doesn’t “spark joy”, then get rid of it.

You’re not going to apologise for your space-saving preferences either, and that’s okay. You do you, boo.

May we recommend the Palmolive Naturals range, which has 500mL bottles and 1L pumps that both have 100 per cent recyclable bottles. Wash away.

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6. You brush your teeth in the shower.

Efficiency is the aim of the game. Sure, you could be someone who just stands around brushing their teeth, or you could spend those precious two minutes simultaneously cleansing your body.

You're the kind of person who'd rather read the latest self-help release over fiction, you meal prep like a pro, and always have a documentary recommendation, or five, up your sleeve.

And you're never late. Like ever.

7. Are you a morning or night shower person?


There are two types of people in this world: morning and night shower-ers.

AM washers like to seize the day, and get their morning off to an invigorating start. After all, what wakes you up quicker than an energising shower? You're a planner, a to-do list maker, and you strongly believe in the saying: the early bird gets the worm.

If you're an AM washer, you'll want to give your skin a bit of TLC with a nice body wash like Palmolive Naturals Milk & Honey. Like milk and honey itself, this soothing wash is made with 100 per cent natural milk & honey extracts and smells divine. You're off to an amazing start.

PM rinsers, you tend to have a bit of a complicated relationship with the 'snooze button'. Therefore anything that gets you an extra 15 minutes of shut-eye is a win in your books.

A part of you also thinks that showering at night is the most underrated life hack in existence. If only others would recognise your logic.

Nevertheless, wind down your day with Palmolive Naturals Anti-stress Ylang Ylang with Iris extract. The whole Palmolive Naturals range is free from parabens, phthalates, alcohol, gluten, soap, silicones and BPAs, so there's more of what you love and less of what you don't.

Whether you're AM or PM, facing the shower head or not, your body wash choice should be one that matches how you're feeling. Go forth, and enjoy that shower.

What is your go-to shower habit? Tell us in a comment below!

Colgate Palmolive

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