Easy ways to save $500 by the beginning of spring (and still have a life).

It can be a tricky business saving money without the gentle nudge of your primary school’s Dollarmites Club, but it’s certainly not impossible.

One of the simplest things you can do to save cash is to set yourself small, achievable goals.

Like, saving $500 by the beginning of spring. Easy-peasy.

The way we see it there are 79 days left until September 1, which means all you need to do to reach your target is save about $6.30 a day.

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But where to start? The same place you start every day....


By our calculations, there are 57 work days left until the end of winter, so if you're spending $4 a day, Monday to Friday, that's $228.

Start opting for the free Blend 43 in your office and you're already almost halfway to your goal.

On weekends, you can also make your coffee at home, and pre-ground beans will still cost you less than hitting up your local cafe.

But, at the risk of sounding like Bernard Salt, forking out for the occasional coffee won't break the bank.

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Budgeting is your best friend.

Write down what money's coming in and have a look at your previous bank statements to see where it's going out. Then write a plan.

What do you need for rent, bills and basics like food (and fun)? Put that amount aside automatically after every pay day. Then, move the savings contribution you want to make into a separate account you can't touch.

The rest can stay in your everyday account until the end of your pay cycle, then whatever's leftovers can go into your savings.


Get a piggy bank.

Why not put all your excess coins - and $5 notes, if you're really committed - in a piggy bank at the end of the day as well?

You'd be surprised how much can pile up in a couple of months.

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Visit the ATM.

Take out the money want to spend in a day - or in a week - in cash.

This way you can actually see how much you're spending and you'll be less inclined to splash out on trinkets and Yowies if you know you've got limited funds.

Start stockpiling.

It's time to channel your inner survivalist but making sure your pantry is stocked with staples, like pasta, bread and canned foods at the beginning of every week.

For a last-minute dinner, opt for brown rice, tuna and hommus or eggs on toast with avocado and fried tomatoes - it's a helluva lot cheaper than ordering Pad Thai when you get home to a bare fridge.

If you plan your meals on a Sunday and shop accordingly, you can also save money by having packed lunches.

Plan your outfits.

Have a think about what you actually need at the start of the season.

Write down them down, have a look online and make a list of what you want. Then try not to stray from it.

If you're not sure about buying something, sleep on it. If you still want it the next day, odds are you won't get buyer's remorse.


If you follow just some of the above advice, you'll hit your goal in no time at all and have plenty to spend on G&Ts when the sun comes out.

You know what rhymes with spring? Ka-ching.

What are your best savings tips?