Mum reveals her best budget tips for the supermarket.


For most of us, the weekly shop at the supermarket leaves our wallets feeling quite a bit lighter.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend how such everyday items can add up to SO MUCH MONEY – particularly if you’re stocking up for a whole family.

That’s why Gold Coast food blogger Amanda Voisey has made it her mission to spend less on her family’s groceries – and now, she’s revealed how she saves thousands of dollars at the supermarket every year.

1. Skip the weekly shop.

Voisey recommends stretching the time between shops to eight or nine days instead of the usual seven. (According to Voisey, it’s “normal” to do a weekly shop, although personal experience would indicate that driving to Coles every night because you forgot a vital ingredient is more the norm).

Only shopping every eight or nine days adds up to less shops per month, and more importantly, less cash forked out at the checkout overall.

2. Shop your fridge or freezer before you shop the supermarket. 

You know that weird jar of mixed olives at the back of your fridge that you never eat? Eat that first. Anything in a tupperware container? Eat that too. Those frozen peas that have been in the freezer for six months? EAT THEM TOO. That unidentifiable chunk of mould that maybe used to be cheese? THROW THAT AWAY.

Voisey suggests the best way to clean out the fridge is for the family have a “leftover night” once a week.


“On leftover night, not everyone has the same food,” she told The Daily Mail Australia. “‘There’s a little bit of everything and everyone can pick and choose.”

She recommends making a little bit extra of every meal so the family can enjoy it come leftover night.

Amanda Voisey with her cookbook, Cooking For Busy Mums. Image via Instagram @cookingforbusymums 

3. Always shop alone.

Let's face it: kids and partners are a liability when it comes to the serious business of supermarkets. If you don't want random things thrown into your trolley that you don't notice until you're at the checkout and it's TOO LATE, it's best to go it alone.

After all, if you want something done right, it's best to do it yourself.

4. Have a supermarket game plan and stick to it. 

"Shop in the order of fruit, veg, meat and then dairy," Voisey advises. She recommends avoiding the middle aisles of the supermarket, which are filled with pre-packaged foods that you don't need. (No, really, you don't need them. Yes, I know that's where the Dairy Milk lives).

"It also helps to shop seasonally," she adds. "Seasonal foods are lowest in price."

You don't need loads of ingredients to make beautiful food. Check out Mamamia's recipe for two-ingredient chocolate cake here...


5. Dinner doesn't have to be exciting.

"'If you literally have nothing left over from your previous meals from the week, there's also nothing wrong with having eggs on toast one night," Voisey says.

6. Don't plan too far ahead.

Given the proliferation of "meal-prepping" advice online (and by online, we mean "Instagram"), this tip seems a little controversial, but Voisey claims flexibility is the key to saving cash.

"I think meal plans are often too rigid and allow for zero flexibility," she told The Daily Mail. "They also make the week more expensive as you think you can only use something once, for that specific meal."

7. Bake instead of buy.

Although it might be more time consuming, Voisey suggests baking cakes instead of buying pre-made ones where possible to save cash. (Also, you get to lick the bowl, so this is clearly a win/win).

Amanda recommends baking a caking instead of buying one where you can. Image via Instagram @cookingforbusymums

8. Take advantage of buy-one-get-one-free offers - but only for non-perishables.

Buy-one-get-one-free offers can save you loads when it comes to shampoo, washing detergent and toilet paper. Voisey recommends stocking up on household items like these where you can, but avoiding fresh food that will probably spoil before you get around to using it.

You can see more from Amanda Voisey on her Instagram, Cooking For Busy Mums. You can purchase her cookbook, Cooking For Busy Mums, at bookstores or here.

Do you have any other tips for saving money on groceries?

Feature image via Instagram @cookingforbusymums