5 easy ways to extend your iPhone battery life.

Do you find yourself charging your iPhone overnight, and then running out of battery by 4:30pm the next day?

While iPhones might be fun and shiny, their battery life is a bit rubbish when compared to their Android rivals. This is a shame because, well… did we mention the fun and shiny bit? Luckily, the Internet is full of information about how to get the most out of your iPhone battery.

Here are the best five tips we found.

1. Turn off your push notifications, especially for Mail.

Push notifications are not only annoying, they also use up a hell of a lot of battery. This is basically because, when turned on, they force apps to half-run even when you’ve switched them off, because they’re always looking for things to notify you about.

This means that – for apps that use a lot of data, like Mail – they’re always using up your power, even when there’s nothing new for them to notify you about.

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, > Fetch New Data, and flip that switch off.

2. Turn off ‘Diagnostics and Usage’.

This is basically a function which sends continual updates to Apple about what you’re doing. This is sort of nice, but also sort of annoying when you’re playing Flappy Bird on the bus and then don’t have enough battery to make calls at work.

Turn it off by going Settings > General > About > Diagnostics and Usage.

3. Stop telling Apple where you are all the time. It’s not your mother.

Fun fact: Your iPhone is a creepy stalker that is programmed to track and record your location. Seriously. Go to

Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations and then look down the bottom.

No, iPhone. You can not know where we have been for the past month. Particularly if you are doing that instead of, you know, powering yourself.

 4. Close your apps once you’ve finished with them.

You do this by pressing the home button twice and then holding down one app until it wiggles, giving you the option to close (iOS6), or by pressing the home button twice and flicking the apps you want to close to the top of the screen (iOS7).

(So what? The person who took the screenshots for this post was listening to the Frozen soundtrack. She’s already revealed that her top place to hang is deep in Sydney’s outer suburbs. What more cred could she have to lose?)

5. Be monogamous with your Internet use.

You can be on Wifi, or you can be on Cellular Data. You shouldn’t engage in a threesome.

If you’re using Cellular Data, but your Wifi is switched on, your battery is wasted looking for Wifi hotspots that you aren’t going to use. Conversely, if you’re using Wifi but have Cellular Data switched on, not only does your iPhone keep on using your precious data even though you’re connected to Wifi, it also uses up unnecessary battery power.

So make sure that, once you find a Wifi hotspot, you take the time to switch off Cellular Data, and vice versa.