The $5 furniture cleaning hack that'll remove stains in just minutes.


If there’s one thing every parent loves, it’s a cleaning hack.

With kids running around the house, things get… spilt.

So it’s essential that when yoghurt hits the fan, you have a tried and tested method to clean it up.

According to one mum, all you need to remove tough stains from fabric furniture is a $5 box of Polident denture cleanser.

Yes, the stuff you clean your teeth with.

According to Nine Honey, the mum who discovered the hack posted the idea to the “Mums who Clean” Facebook group, accompanied with before and after screenshots.

how to remove stain
We are very impressed. Image: Facebook.

Here's how she did it.

The mother mixed three tablets with warm water, then put the formula in a spray bottle.

After spraying the fabric couch, she let it soak for five minutes.

She then used a dish-washing brush to scrub the couch, and used a towel to absorb the dirty water.

While it isn't sparkly clean after one scrub, you can repeat the steps until it is.

“It has come out great. Our sofa is about five or six years old and this is the first time we’ve cleaned it,” she wrote on Facebook.

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