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The very important dos and the don'ts of Christmas regifting.

We all know there are some inevitables this Christmas

  1. You will eat seconds… and thirds… and tenths at Christmas lunch.
  2. Aunty Meryl will get absolutely plastered on Bailey’s liqueur and pass out in the middle of the backyard cricket pitch.
  3. You will receive a present that isn’t too snazzy.

It might be a pair of novelty socks, or a rusty pair of barbecue tongs, or perhaps a beach bag you already own – but getting crappy gifts on Sunday is a sure thing.

Naturally, like every cheap Aussie out there (me, me, me), you’re gonna want to palm off those socks/tongs/beach bag at the nearest opportunity.

Translation? You’re gonna regift it.

According to Bessie Hassan, money expert at, a whopping 2.7 million of us are going to regift mediocre gifts this festive season. So your loved one doesn’t get a nasty surprise that you gave away their thoughtful present, she’s laying down the rules.

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1. DON’T: Regift something meaningful

“Anything handmade or specially crafted stays with you, regardless of how much you hate it,” Hassan says. “Most things do eventually come in handy.”

2. DON’T: Regift something expensive

“As much as it’s tempting to regift something that’s got a big price tag, it can make the person receiving the gift will feel pressured to reciprocate!”

3. DON’T: Regift something risky.

“Avoid regifting something the person might ask you to return or exchange. You’ll need to be quick on your feet to come up with an excuse as to why there’s no receipt”

1. DO: Regift a double up.

“Regifting double ups are totally acceptable. Already got a copy of that book? Regift away!”

2. DO: Rewrap.

Don’t be a lazy sucker, people. Make your regifted item look fresh. As Hassan says: “You must rewrap the gift and include a card.”

3. DO: Regift things that just aren’t right.

It’s totally fine to regift things that are good quality, but not right for you. Especially if you know the person will love it!

What are your Do’s and Don’ts of regifting? Let us know in the comments…