Every woman over the age of 27 has woken up with these. Here's how to stop them.

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Do you ever look at photos of celebrities on red carpets and wonder if they’ve soft focus filtered their décolletages? Because how else do they have no chest wrinkles? Even when they’re over 50? Us regular folk just have to sleep on our sides ONCE to be blessed with deep, vertical crinkly lines.

When should I start using anti-ageing products?

I spoke Gabrielle Requena, founder of Wrinkles Schminkles, about what we can do to prevent these pesky crinkles from ruining our mornings.

1. Cover up.

One of the easiest ways to protect the chest from sun damage is to cover-up during the day. If you can, pop on a top with a higher neck if you’ll be out and about.

2. (Always) Apply sunscreen.

It goes without saying that wearing sunscreen daily will help you to protect against sun damage, but while we’re all well-versed in application on our faces, the chest is in fact more directly exposed to the sunlight and often neglected. Always remember to apply lotion down past the décolletage, but also be mindful of the type of sunscreen you’re applying. Most common sunscreens only filter out UVB, but it’s UVA rays that will prematurely age the skin – so be sure you’re using a broad spectrum sunscreen.

3. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

Just like the face, gentle cleansing, daily hydration and regular exfoliation will help to replenish and rejuvenate the chest and keep it looking and feeling smooth. It sounds simple – but cleansing and moisturising the area in the same way you do the face is something we rarely remember to do. You can use the same cleanser, but if you feel your face cream is a little too pricey, look for targeted alternatives like a serum – just make sure it has an active, effective ingredient like Vitamin A (Ed note: steer clear of Vitamin A when pregnant).


4. Be mindful of perfume.

Try to avoid applying perfume directly onto the neck or chest. The chemicals contained in most common perfumes will dry out and sometimes irritate these areas, and worse still, the alcohol in most formulas can make the area more susceptible to sun damage. Best to apply perfume to your wrists when you jump out of the shower, and save your delicate décolletage.

5. Maximise your beauty sleep.

Sleeping on your side is also a leading cause of wrinkles developing on the chest and décolletage, as the skin is creased overnight. To prevent this from happening, the Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit is a medical-grade silicone pad that’s designed to be applied to the chest and décolletage before you go to bed, to smooth and plump the skin while you get your beauty sleep. The placement of the pads leaves the skin unable to crease, while the medically-proven properties of silicone (traditionally used to treat scarring) can help to add moisture to the skin and regulate collagen production. The overnight effect is instant, but consistent use will also help to prevent wrinkles developing in the first place, as skin is prevented from creasing.

The right way to layer your skin products.

If lotions and chest pads are too late for you, Director of Double Bay Clinic (and possessor of excellent skin), Melanie Grant recommends in-salon treatments like lactic acid peels, which are resurfacing and also promote hydration, Omnilux light therapy treatments and hydrating treatments. “If they are really deep or pronounced you may benefit from a fractional laser treatment or deep skin needling  to rejuvenate the skin at a deeper level and promote collagen,” Grant says. She adds, “always, always apply your skincare especially your SPF to the neck, décolletage and bust as well as your face. Remember your face ends at your boobs.”