Turns out you're peeling mangoes wrong.

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Summer is upon us. The days are longer, the nights are warmer, and delicious summer fruits are finally in season. If there’s one fruit that embodies the joy of summer, it’s mangoes.

Except they’re really messy, but we’ve found a life-changing hack that will change the way you eat them forever.

As any mango fiend knows, these babies aren’t necessarily the trickiest fruits to peel but the process can be seriously messy. Mango skin is incredibly slippery, and it can take some time to remove it all.

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Basically, anything stopping you from enjoying that sweet, juicy flesh is just a time waster. So this is very good news: a wonderful human being out there has come up with a simple technique for peeling a mango.

It’s so easy you won’t believe you didn’t come up with it yourself. US Today Show food reporter, Katie Quinn, uses a glass to peel her mango. Yes – just a regular old drinking glass.

Follow her technique to learn how to peel a mango the fast way.

How do you eat your mangoes?