WATCH: The video that changes breakfast for ever.

Thank you, Internets. Breakfast will never be the same.

Eggs are wonderful. They’re a great source of protein, omega 3 and contain 11 different vitamins and minerals. Oh, and they also taste delicious.

A perfectly-cooked egg is a thing of simple wonder. As is this – a video showing how to quickly peel a boiled egg in a glass of water.

Your life just got so much easier.

Watch the full video below.

And if you can’t watch right now. Here’s how it happens:

Step 1

Boil your eggs in a proper method.

egg peel 1
Image via YouTube.

Step 2

Find a small glass and fill it with water so it covers about half the egg.

egg peel 2
Image via YouTube.

Step 3

Once you have the egg in the glass, cover the top and start shaking it off just like Taylor Swift.

egg peel 4
Image via YouTube.

Step 4

Gently pull the lose shell off the egg and enjoy your egg.

egg peel 3
Image via YouTube.

Too easy.