Found: The genius way to organise your pantry once and for all.

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Have you ever heard the old saying, ‘a perfectly organised pantry means a perfectly fulfilled life’? No, me neither. That’s probably because I just made it up, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Having your pantry perfectly arranged can make you feel like you’ve got your life together. It’s like strolling through the stationery aisle at the supermarket, only more productive.

The pantry is important because when you think about it, your entire kitchen centres around it. It’s the heart of your home where you eat, the kids do the homework and you pack and prepare your meals.

Having a system and some organisation in the pantry not only makes your life easier, it can save you some cash too.

As a very organised person, here are my tips for getting your pantry in tip top shape:

1. Labelling. It’s all about the labelling.

Have you ever gone to the supermarket, picked up an item after being certain you’d run outonly to get home and discover you already have three? I do it all the time.

And it’s something that can be avoided with the use of one of my favourite things in the world (I’m not joking), my labeller. Clearly labelling the items in your pantry, particularly smaller items like herbs and spices, can make it so much easier to see what you’ve got before you do your grocery shop. My Brother PT-D210 is my best friend when it comes to keeping my groceries in order.

It can also save you a bunch of cash by not buying unnecessary items you already have at home.


How I feel towards my label-maker. Image: supplied.

2. Order jars and cans from tallest to smallest. 

Sometimes your pantry can look like an avalanche of jars, tins and cans coming at you with no beginning or end. Putting tall jars at the back of the pantry and smaller jars as the front makes the pantry easier to navigate. It also helps you to grab things quicker and when the kids are complaining they're hungry, the quicker you can find an item, the better.

3. Invest in some clear and uniform containers.

Containers help to get the irregularity out of your pantry and make things easier to stack and arrange. Make sure they're clear so that you can see what's in them. This is a great way to store dry food items such as flours, cereals and pastas.

As you can stack them on top of each other you'll also get added shelf space, meaning you can fit more in without it looked cluttered and messy. Opt for square containers instead of round containers, they utilise shelf space better.

Clear, uniform containers make life easier. Image: supplied

4. Use baskets for like-items. 

Baskets can be a great way to keep smaller items together for times when the kids decide they want to have a baking marathon. Think sprinkles, food colouring, baking powder and cake mixes.

You can throw them all in a basket and put it on the top shelf for easy access without having to rummage through the entire pantry. It's far easier when it comes to packing away as well.


5. Arrange foods into different groups.

Foods can be accessed much easier if they're in different sections. Think of arranging your items in different groups like sauces, herbs and spices, kids' snacks and baking. This makes it easier to unpack after you've done your grocery shop when you know where everything goes and it has its own home.

It also makes it easier to maintain an organised and tidy pantry instead of just placing items where there's a bit of spare space which in the long run will lead to a once again messy pantry.

"Foods can be accessed easily if they're in different sections." Image: supplied

6. Clean it out regularly.

Cleaning out your pantry regularly and throwing out anything that's old or out of date will save time and hassle. It's probably easiest to do it once per season and do a big clean out once a year to get right into all those hard to reach areas and clean out any bits of rice bubbles that will have undoubtedly find their way into any nook and cranny.

So there you have it. The easiest way to get from 'oh my God I'm so disorganised' to 'don't challenge me, I'm an organisational goddess' in just a few easy steps. Now go forth and arrange your heart out.

How do you keep your kitchen and pantry organised?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner Brother.

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