The clever way to prevent your lipstick disappearing during the day.

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Sick of spending forever in front of your bathroom mirror applying lipstick, only to find it’s disappeared within minutes? Yeah, we feel you.

Well, there’s finally a fool-proof solution for our lipstick woes. Thanks to this extremely popular Pinterest post, we can all kiss smudged lips goodbye.

The nine-step guide, which was created by DivineCaroline, is one of the most popular beauty pins of all time, and it includes some helpful tricks we bet you’ve never heard before.

First up? Prep your lips.

Step One:

It's imperative you remove the dead skin cells on your lips before you think about lipstick application. To do this, use a lip exfoliant or even an old toothbrush. Be gentle.

Step Two:

Apply a waxy (non-oily) lip balm to condition and soften your lips. You want to avoid using a slippery texture here, a glossy looks is not the aim.

Add a balm before your lippie.

Step Three:

Use your index finger (or a beauty sponge if you're lucky enough to own one) to lightly press foundation or concealer  (We recommend Max Factor Master Touch Concealer) into your lips. Be sure to apply the product onto your lips sparingly and evenly. You don't want to complete coverage, ideally your lip's natural pink hue should still come through. We know it sounds odd, but this step is crucial because it gives your lipstick a formula to grab on to.

Step Four:

Using a nude liner pencil, trace the outer contours of your lips. This provides a handy barrier which will prevent your lip colour from bleeding.

Line lips first up.

Step Five:

Using a lip liner, outline the shape of your lips and completely colour them in. This layer of dry lip liner will also ensure your lipstick lasts the distance.

Step Six:

Apply your lipstick in sections. Avoid using long, sweeping strokes, instead focus on one small area at a time. Pay attention to your cupid's bow (this is the 'V' shape on your upper lip) to achieve a more defined overall result.

Powder on your lips? Why, of course.

Step Seven:

Use small sweep strokes to fill in the remainder of your lips with lipstick.

Step Eight:

Separate the layers of a two-ply tissue, and hold one of them up to your lips. With your favourite beauty brush, dab some translucent powder over your lips through the tissue. This will lock the lip colour in, without giving you an icky layer of powder over the top.

Line those lips.

Step Nine:

To finish, lightly apply some lipstick on top. Voila - you and your bold lips are ready to go. Of course, if you wanted to skip one of these nine steps, you have our permission. The main message? Prepping your lips and adding a touch of concealer will help you to keep your colour in place.

What are your all-time favourite beauty hacks?