The top 3 "How to make loom bands" videos

If you don’t know what a loom band is, you don’t have a primary-school age child littering your house with tiny, multi-coloured rubber bands

It’s the latest mega-craze. Looming bands are fast becoming a must-have item for cool kids and parents are scrambling to buy the kits. Stand by for loom-band rage to hit a mall near you when all the kits are sold out.

To avoid finding abandoned little coloured bands all over your home, check out these top three looming band videos. It will keep them busy for hours and as has been carefully explained to us by one nine-year-old boy, they aren’t just for girls.

Here are the top 3 looming band videos available on YouTube. There’s no end to the variety of ways these must-haves can be made.

How to make a fishtail looming bracelet:

How to make a rainbow starburst looming bracelet:

How to make a triple single rainbow looming bracelet:

Are your kids loom banding?