How to disguise a hangover in 3 simple steps.

If your Saturday night was spent on the turps, you’re probably feeling a little bit worse-for-wear right about now.

And if you have somewhere to be today, like a family lunch, afternoon drinks, or a Sunday date, hair of the dog may be the best remedy for getting you feeling a little bit more chirpy – but it doesn’t mean that it will help with the state of your face.

Dull, depleted skin, bloodshot eyes and puffy eyebags are all signs of dehydration, lack of sleep (and general good times).

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But don’t despair, there are simple ways to make your skin zing. You’ll be on your way back to your former self in no time.

Step 1. Chuck a mask on.

Brands like SKII and Indeed Laboratories have made at-home facials easy. The new generation of do-it-yourself comes in soaked facial sheets.

Indeed Laboratories’ Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask is a face mask that features a timed release of hyaluronic acid to treat dehydrated skin, while SKII’s mask is filled with their trademark ingredient Pitera.

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What’s Pitera exactly? It’s a unique yeast strain found in the fermentation process of sake, the famous Japanese rice wine that they discovered had anti-ageing and brightening properties. Perfect for a post-party pick me up.

Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, and Bob’s your uncle, you’re already looking fresher.

Here are some of our favourite hangover-soothing products (post continues after gallery...)

Step 2. Put on some radiance-boosting primer or skin-luminising foundation.

Primers or foundations with ‘light diffusing’ properties contain spectrals that reflect light, therefore adding some luminosity to your post-vino skin.

I love Laura Mercier’s range of Radiance Primers, but other brands do them as well. Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer Foundation is another great one to try.

Step 3. Makeup to wake up

Red, bloodshot eyes can be easily remedied with a bit of makeup trickery. Simply line the waterline with a white pencil to erase any last traces of your hangover. Add some mascara and opt for a simple flicked eyeliner to lift eyes that might be looking a little, well, sad.

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Finally, a cheek and lip tint like Benefit's Benetint is perfect to add a bit of a rosy flush.

And, um, maybe don’t forget to spritz some perfume.

Do you have any tips to add?