115 y/o woman: There are the 2 secrets to living a long, healthy life.

She’s the oldest woman in Europe and she’s convinced that being single for most of her life, is the key to her longevity.

As if we needed any more convincing that the single-life was good for us, Europe’s oldest woman says remaining solo since 1938 is what has kept her going all these years.

That, and eating 3 raw eggs a day.

Emma Morano has been living in Verbania, Italy as an independent woman since she was 38-years-old. She left an unhappy marriage following the death of her infant son and has had no desire to re-marry since.

She also appears to be quite the pioneer, divorcing her husband 40 years before it became legal to in Italy in 1970.

Moreno says she’s had plenty of suitors since her marriage ended, but she refused to commit to another relationship because “I didn’t want to be dominated by anyone,” she told the New York Times. 

Hallelujah, sister.

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As for why she eats three raw eggs a day? Well in her teens a doctor told her it would counter anemia. So, if true to her word, she’s consumed over 100,000 eggs in her lifetime. Cholesterol clearly can’t penetrate this woman either.

Longevity also runs in the family, well, at least for the women.

Morano is the oldest of eight siblings and two of her sisters who were also centenaries – one passing away just shy of 100, the other 102. No word on if they were also subscribers to the single-ladies-for-life club.

So in honour of Emma Morano, let’s here it for all the single ladies, may we all live long and happy lives!