Cult buy: The white sneaker hack that will make you look rich.

Chances are, you have owned a pair of flawless white sneakers at some point in your life.

And chances are, they stayed pristine for about 90 seconds.

I’ve often looked with envy upon those who keep their kicks blindingly white and wondered what their secret was. Were they bent over the sink with a toothbrush and Gumption, polishing off scuff marks? Were they hunched over with a Chux Magic Eraser? Were they walking around with their feet in plastic bags?

How do they do it? Why do they always look like they have everything together?

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Well, because the people in the know have a magic Teflon spray that creates an invisible barrier around your shoe.

Dirt, rain, coffee and any soy sauce that drips out the bottom of your sushi roll and onto your white shoe will slide right off.


It’s called FORCE FIELD.

Like something out of Star Wars

This magic was told to me by a man who sells white sneakers for a living and who takes sneaker cleanliness very seriously and who was wearing a work uniform that looked a bit like a referee. I believe him.

The reviews online also back it:

"It's by far the best shoe protector I've used, and I've used many of the top brands. Protection wise this is a five-star product." - Amazon

"My shoes are still white and I'm a bit of a pig at times" - Me.

Listen: The fashion research absolutely nobody asked for. (Post continues after audio.)

You only need to apply it ONCE A YEAR and it can also go onto hats, and backpacks, and jackets, and any kind of apparel or accessory that you want to maintain a shiny fresh just-bought feel.

I got my can from Footlocker. And three weeks after buying my white sneakers, they're still white.

It's brilliant. It's magic. It's the FORCE. Use it.