How to become one of the 8% of people who stick to their New Year's resolutions.

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If you have never been able to stick to your New Year’s resolutions don’t feel bad. Research has found that out of the 45% who attempt then, only 8% will actually stick to them.

So how do you become one of the motivated 8%? You will significantly increase your chances of achieving your goals if you make a formal declaration (33%) and you’re 72% more likely to stick it out if you put money on the line.

There’s a new charity intiative making it that much easier for the 92% of us who fail at keeping our promises to run more or have a healthier and happier year.

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Promise or Pay is an online motivational tool that encourages people to keep their promises. If you don’t reach your goal you have to donate money to a nominated charity. A win-win situation.

Founder of Promise or Pay Jay Boolkin says “numerous studies show people who explicitly state when and where they will do something are much more likely to stick to their goals.”

“Promise or Pay takes this one step further by making a formal promise to achieve your goal and if you do not reach it you agree to pay a certain amount to a nominated charity.

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“‘Supporters’ are encouraged to financially back a promise to boost the likelihood of people achieving their goals even further” says Boolkin.

“The likelihood of goals being achieved is because supporters’ money is only donated if the promise is kept, providing a social incentive for participation.

“Participants can also challenge friends and family to make their own promises, which can be as simple as committing to take a walk to improve their health, 3 times a week.”

Keen to do it? Here’s how Promise or Pay works:

  1. You create an account using your email address or social media account to make a promise
  2. Select a charity and how much to donate if you don’t follow through with your goal
  3. Personalise your Promise Page and share your promise on your social networks to help keep you motivated and encourage others to Support you
  4. Update your promise – ‘Kept’ or ‘Broke’ – via the your Promise Page.
  5. Promise or Pay has a number of selected charities across a variety of social issues including mental health, suicide prevention, sustainability, animals, women, homelessness and more. For more information click here: http://promiseorpay.com/list-charity/

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