VIDEO: One dad, 17 different ways to hold a baby.

Two weekends ago, I held a baby – a newborn baby.

It was frightening. It was confronting. And it was, well, uncomfortable.

While this may seem like no mean feat to all the expert-baby-holders out there, I’d (confidently) assume that all the non-parents reading this are nodding along in fear, terror and dread.

Enter: Jordan Watson of New Zealand.

How to hold a baby
One of Watson’s more complicated moves… Image via YouTube.

As if he read my mind, this week Watson got creative with his 5-month-old daughter, Alba, as he demonstrated 17 different, effective and comical ways to hold a baby.

Being the clever expert-baby-holder that he is, Watson has even invented a catchy name for each pose, like the “Standard Shoulder Hold,” and the more complex “Dance Partner”.

His moves are impressive. Some might even say he’s got the moves like jagger (in a very responsible, parent-y way).

Take a look.

Video via How To Dad

Parents, have you tried any of these moves? Or do you have any to add?

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