The everywoman's guide to covering under-eye bags and dark circles

Top Image Via @Ladygaga Twitter

As a makeup artist, there are two questions I get asked all the time:

1. “I didn’t get much sleep last night, can you do something about my dark circles?”
2.” My dark circles are hereditary, they are the bane of my existence. I blame my dad. Can you get rid of them?”

That’s right, dark circles haunt every woman. Not wrinkles, not contouring, not eyeshadow colours, but dark circles. Well, at least in my makeup chair.

This is because our highly-caffeinated, late night, early morning, technology addicted, child nurturing, hard working, party-going existences all bear something in common. Tell-tale purplish rings around our eyes.

Even fitness gurus can’t escape them, no matter how much water they drink. This is because they’re up at the crack of dawn telling people to ‘ass to the grass’ squat. No one is safe.

If you have worked out how to avoid them altogether, please feel free to share  your secret below, but for the rest of us…

Hooray for makeup!

But then you go to the shop, buy a concealer that’s specifically designed to hide under eye bags and what does it do? IT MAKES THEM WORSE. This is because not all under-eye bags are the same. They are precious and unique, like really annoying snowflakes.

Follow the guide below to find out what will work on yours:

IF… You have puffiness under your eyes but no purple or blue tones.

Cameron Diaz gets a little puffy. Lucky she has puppies to distract her. via Instagram.



YSL Touche Eclat – this will make your eyes look puffier because of its iridescent pigment.


Orange Toned Concealers – you’ll visibly see the orange because it's not counter-acting anything. And orange bags are so out.


A concealer slightly darker than your skin tone. Just as contouring your cheekbones makes your cheeks look slimmer, a dark colour will  reduce the appearance of the puffiness by de-emphasising the trouble spot. Simply apply the concealer after you have applied your foundation, then mould the product into the skin with your fingertip until it is well blended. Then, set your base lightly with powder.

IF... You have dark circles that don't budge, ever.

Us too, Kim K, us too.


This is particularly common for women who have medium to dark skin.  No matter how well you look after yourself, you always look tired.


Concealer lighter than your foundation – You will highlight the area and there will be an ashy cast to your skin. Abort mission!


Despite having her own skin care line Go-To, Zoe Foster Blake revealed to the Daily Mail, Elle and Mamamia that she is obsessed with an obviously orange concealer, ‘The One Concealer’ by Napoleon Perdis.

Trust us, orange-toned concealer is your friend. It will eradicate purple and blue tones in an instant, and once blended it will not be visible at all, nor will your dark circles. It will blow your mind.

IF... Your skin is fair, or almost translucent

Lorde gets it... Via Instagram



People that have divinely milky, fair complexions often have skin so thin under the eyes that circles are severely purple-y blue. This is usually hereditary.



Darker concealer – this will make the under eye area look really muddy.


Smashbox High Definition in Fair is the perfect counteracting concealer for the fair skinned. It's a concealer with a touch of peach to counteract darkness, disguised in a pink-beige base to suit your complexion.

If you’re feeling particularly luxe, finish with YSL Touche Eclat under your eyes for a boost of radiance and freshness.

*Collective sigh of envy*.

IF... Sporadic shadows sometimes show up  on you

J. Lo does not have to deal with eye bags often.


Your dark circles come and go, depending on how hard you’ve been on your skin. You may have had no sleep because of the bub, or had a naughty night on the turps.


Thick, creamy consistencies. For you, these are unnecessary.


YSL's Touche Eclat will provide brightness and light where shadows can sometimes linger.


And remember, you're not alone. All women have under eye bags and shadows. We just hide them, but these lovely celebrities were kind enough to reveal the truth.

Are there any types of dark circles we missed? Add in the comments below and we'll reveal how to counter them!