Three very real ways you can help the people of Syria.

This week, the  world awoke to the news of yet another humanitarian tragedy in Syria – at least 72 innocent lives lost after a catastrophic chemical attack in the Northern province of Idlib.

Processing reports that many of those lost were young children and babies is a near impossible task.


Everyone comprehends such atrocities in different ways. Some look away, refusing to acknowledge the events, detaching themselves from what is reality for thousands on the opposite side of the world.

For many, there’s a sense of utter powerlessness, followed by a desperation to in some small way, contribute to the solution.

how to help syria
Many of the victims of the chemical attack were young children. (Image: Supplied)

To cut through the noise and make an informed choice about how to best help the Syrian people, here are some of the best ways you can make a difference.

Educate yourself

Staying informed about what's happening in Syria is important in becoming part of the solution. You can read our coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis here and here, as well as sign up to Syria Deeply for up-to-date coverage here.


Please donate your money to reputable charities and organisations channelling funds directly to the ground. CARE Australia's Syria Appeal is providing emergency food, hygiene kits, mattresses and blankets to thousands of affected families, while support for World Vision's relief fund and organisations like Welcome to Australia and the ASRC is much needed. Other options include UNHCR and the Red Cross Syrian Crisis fund.

Make your voice heard

You can also write to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s office, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and your local MP, letting them know that you want to live in a compassionate nation that welcomes people who are fleeing violence and persecution.

We may be far away, but all of us have the power to affect real change in Syria.

Thank you to our readers for their input, if you know of any other ways to help the people of Syria, please let us know in the comments below.