The 10 healthiest foods your kids can (and will) eat.

Stressing about what our kids eat is part of being a parent. But if you can smuggle these 10 foods into their diet, you can stop worrying. Bonus.

The younger you can instil healthy eating into your kids the better. At age two they don’t know that broccoli is on the “eww gross” list for kids. At least until they go to school and make friends with little Jimmy who hates broccoli.

But the question on every parents mind is how do you make healthy, vitamin-packed, nutritious food yummy enough for a kid?

Kids never want to eat something they are forced into. And definitely want the food they are not allowed. In my childhood, my parents committed the worst parental crime - they had a lolly cupboard at kids height. Basically a chocolate and lollies all day buffet. Did I go nuts? Nope. Because it wasn't forbidden, I didn't see the attraction to it.

In saying that, I was probably a bit of a strange kid because I always wished there was more vegetables on my dinner plate.

So for those parents without me as their weirdo kid, I have put together a list of 10 healthy things to get into your kids' diet. And ways how to get picky sand eaters to like them.

Before I begin, "the lawyers" have asked me to say a few things:

First, this isn't a comprehensive list. In other words, your kid should be eating more than what is on this list. This is just the most common hard stuff to get them to willingly eat.

Second, regardless of how healthy a food item is, if your kid has any type of allergy to it - don't feed it to them.

Okay here we go. CLICK THROUGH the gallery. And if you are on a mobile phone, the information is below the picture.

And remember, if your kid doesn't like it once, don't be afraid to try again. You never know.

How do you get your kids to eat healthily?