Mum's genius way to make sure her kids do their damn chores.

The interwebs give us so many great moments of other people’s parenting to enjoy. Like the mum who constructed a ‘get along’ shirt which housed two fighting children, or the stories of parents fed up with teenage moody kids slamming doors that they decided to remove them from their hinges. It’s these kind of parents that I admire, that I respect. It’s these kind of parents I want to be like.

And so today has given me another awesome mum to add to my list.

Meet this woman, I call her the keeper of the wifi password.

clever motherhood

Her image is going viral for the simple, yet genius way she gets her children to tidy up after themselves. If they want the wi-fi password, they need to text a picture of the kitchen to her, spotless. To prevent any cheeky behaviour and sending of old images, she requires them to put a box of crackers on the stove.

The old wifi password trick to get your kids to clean up. Smart. But requiring daily proof is next level. A mum that will push boundaries, into new frontiers of parenting.

Mum for the win.

Sure it involves a little work of her behalf, she has to change the password each and every day which is no mean feat given that I manage to lock myself out of my email account regularly despite having the same password since I was nine #sniffleshanson but I think we can all agree that it’s more than worth it.