Robyn Lawley dishes on the easiest hair hack you’ll ever need to know.

I have dead straight hair. I like it and when I’m hanging out with friends or just doing casual things I go with my natural look. But when I want to impress I have a go-to hair trick that is so simple to do.

On shoots between shots the hairdressers are always tying my hair in little top knots all over my head – I call it the alien hair style, but think Scary Spice circa the Spiceworld album. And when they take them out I have loads of volume and waves through my normally straight hair.


Robyn rocking sexy, tousled hair via instagram


A head full of mini buns is fine behind closed doors but I’m not willing to rock the alien hair look outside - so I came up with an alternative way of achieving the same results.

Whenever I have a casting or a job I follow these steps:

  1. Wash my hair with a good conditioner that’s moisturising
  2. Follow it up with a Pantene 3 minute miracle rinse off treatment for extra care and protection for my hair
  3. Towel dry it until it’s damp
  4. Spray sea salt all over it
  5. Tie it in up high in a tight top knot
  6. Leave it to dry
  7. Take out and give it a good shake with my fingers

The result? Tousled hair with lots of volume - so chic and cool.

What do you do to give yourself a natural summer look?