Six airline tricks to guarantee you score the best seat on the plane.

Not everyone can secure a business class upgrade to make their air travel more enjoyable. But you don’t have to suffer in economy. A little bit of research and these tips from Skyscanner Australia will help you secure the best seat on the plane for your next flight.

1. Decide what is important to you

The best seat on the plane depends on your priorities, whether it is extra legroom, less noise or safety as each of these factors will impact on the choice of seat you should make.

For example, if you want more leg space the chances are you will have to sacrifice some peace as the more spacious seats are often home to, or near, fold-out cribs for parents travelling with babies. If you want to secure a quieter flight you’re best avoiding seats in the galley areas where staff work preparing meals, the toilets or family favourite bulkhead seats.

For those with safety paramount in their minds a study by Popular Mechanics magazine revealed your chances of surviving a crash are 40 per cent higher if you sit in an aisle seat to the rear of the plane.

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2. Don't follow the crowd.

Millions of travellers can’t be wrong, can they? A 2013 survey by Skyscanner revealed that seat 6A was the most sought-after seat on a standard plane and seat 31E the least favourite.

This result was derived from the survey responses that showed 46 percent of people prefer to be seated at the front of the plane, nearly 60 percent prefer window seats and 62 percent want an even-numbered row. That said if you don't want to be in a fight for a certain seat your chances are bound to increase if you opt for an aisle seat on an odd-numbered row.

3. Research the flight facilities

Websites such as or seatguru can help you find the best seat on a particular flight with details about the aeroplane you will fly in.

The information includes the amount of legroom, whether the seat reclines, how close to the galleys and toilets you are and what type of entertainment system to expect. Users of the site also rate various seats, including important ones to avoid at all costs. A little research before you check-in means you can make a more informed decision about the seats available to you.


4. Check in early for the best seat

Travellers now have a heap of competition for the most coveted seats on the plane. Associated Press reported earlier this year that an estimated 2.4 million passengers are flying daily. So in the same vein as the early bird gets the worm, the earlier you check-in and secure a seat the more choices you will have. International flights can open up to a year in advance.

However if the seats you want are not available keep checking back online. Many airlines release new seats as late as a week to a day before departure and these are often the coveted bulkhead and exit row seats, which tend to be reserved for frequent flyers.

5. It pays to be nice

When checking in it is always worth asking the assistant at the counter if they know of any better seats available. When frequent flyers are upgraded they often free up a better economy or premium economy seat. This can all happen at the last minute, so that extra smile at the check-in counter might see you bumped into a better seat.

6. You can game the system

If you are travelling as a family or in a couple you can snare yourself some extra space by leaving an empty seat between two members of your party. Ideally on a three-seat row if you book the window and aisle seat you increase your chances of having a vacant seat between you. If the flight does end up full and you want to sit together you can always swap with the person in the middle as surveys have shown the middle seat is the least popular seat on the plane.

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