The definitive list of what will get you banned from using Uber.

Earlier this month Uber released a set of behavioural guidelines for its drivers and passengers to help everyone get from A to B with their 5 star ratings in tact.

Of course, there’s always been consequences for badly behaved users of the ride-sharing app (I mean, nobody wants zero stars), but the new rules make it clear that certain things just won’t fly.

In fact, they could get you banned for life.

Generally speaking common decency would stop a person doing any or all of these things, but it is handy to have them listed together in one place.

Here’s what you shouldn’t be doing if you don’t want to be on foot for the rest of your natural life.

Don’t have sex.

Uber has had a long-standing ‘no sex’ rule. In fact there should be no physical contact between you and your driver at all. Don’t flirt with them, don’t prod or poke or otherwise annoy them. And likewise don’t bonk your fellow passengers in their car.


It was.

Don’t break any laws.

If it’s illegal outside your Uber, it’s probably illegal inside it.

Don’t drink or do drugs, don’t cram 10 of your mates into the backseat, don’t pressure your driver to break traffic laws.

Seriously, FOUR of you?

Don't vomit.

A cheeky vomit might settle your stomach, but it could get you banned.

More specifically, any action that could damage the car might get you banned, ie. don't write your name on it or spill food or smoke.

Don't be racist.

This is a good tip for for life, not just in an Uber. But don't ask your driver overly personal questions, threaten them or be discriminatory towards them.

Be respectful, basically.

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Don't stalk your driver.

When the trip is over, let it go. Sure, you may have had a good chat. Maybe you do want to follow it up with a sneaky beverage on a Friday afternoon, but don't. Do not. No way.

Don't ever text, call, or visit your driver ever again. Just give them 5 stars and move on.

You can read Uber's Community Guidelines in full here.