How to put your best brow forward.

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My brows and I have been through thick and thin together – literally.

Like most, I’ve had phases where I’ve been a bit too enthusiastic with my tweezers, days where I’ve absentmindedly picked at them to find my eyebrow has been halved in length and a very low point early on in our relationship where I decided it would be a good time-saver to shave in between my brows rather than pluck individually. (I’m still paying the price for that one.)

Luckily I’ve now realised just how important brows actually are (yes, funnily enough having half an eyebrow will do that to you!). Up until recently, my brow ‘routine’ was strictly limited to the bare minimum maintenance and it never even crossed my mind that they were something that needed ‘doing’. Now, having found the perfect shape and seeing the difference good brows can make, they’re one of the first things I focus on when getting ready in the morning.


"I decided it would be a good time-saver to shave in between my brows rather than pluck individually. (I’m still paying the price for that one.)" Image:

Severely underrated, I’d argue your eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. At a basic level, they’re useful - they help keep dust, dirt and sweat from getting in your eyes, help express emotions and studies have proven they’re also key factors in identifying faces. Beyond that, they can also be considered magical with their ability to completely transform, frame and open up the face.

The key is all about knowing and working with your natural shape and supporting it with regular maintenance.

The first thing to do is to determine your shape, which can easily be done with a pencil. Hold it parallel to the side of the bridge of your nose and you’ll see where the inner edge of your brows should start - mark it with a light dot. The arch is key to flattering in the face - and of course to avoid looking like you’re permanently surprised. To work out where the highest point of your arch should be, place the pencil parallel to the outside part of your iris. Mark again. Then hold the pencil diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye and you’ll get the ideal end point.

Once you’ve initially marked out where your brows should start and end or you’ve already got the shape down pat, it’s all about tidying up and maintenance. Nair Sensitive Precision Wax Wand is an easy, effective and pretty much foolproof way to getting professional-looking-’on-fleek’ brows at home.

Here are some of our favourite celebrity brows for those still figuring out their face shape (post continues after gallery):


Starting with clean and dry hair and skin, to use simply twist the end of the wand until you can see wax appear at the tip. Applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth (this step is very important), firmly press one of the strips onto the wax leaving a small gap at the edge to give you something to grip on to.

Smooth the strip down firmly three or four times in the direction of the hair growth, then holding your skin taut, quickly pull the strip back in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

To get the best results, try pulling the strips away parallel to your skin rather than in an upward motion.

Repeat until you’ve removed all the stray or rogue hairs, then remove any excess wax residue with the after-care wipe, which will also help soothe and moisturise the skin. Finally, take a moment to notice the difference and appreciate your handiwork in the mirror.

If your brows are looking a bit sparse or not quite as Cara Delevingne-worthy as you’d like, consider filling them in with a brow pencil or powder. I’ve found using a creamy pencil is a good place to start for beginners then move onto a powder or wax when you’re feeling more confident, following the points you marked out to get the perfect shape.


Brow goals. Image: 20th Century Fox.

Whether it’s for the races, a wedding, a night out, Sunday brunch or even just nipping out to do the grocery shop, paying attention to my brows and taking time to make them look their best and ‘done’ gives me an instant confidence boost.

That doesn’t mean spending ages on them - for a natural look, I’ll just quickly fill in any gaps and then give them a gentle brush up with a clear brow gel (hello Cara!). A disposable mascara wand and some Paw Paw ointment also does the trick if you’re caught short.

If I’m doing a more high-coverage makeup look, I’ll obviously spend a little longer, a process I actually find rather relaxing.

Ultimately, putting your best brow forward is a lot easier than you’d expect - and once you’ve found it, you’ll wonder what you ever did before. Getting the right shape can completely transform your face and the Nair Sensitive Precision Wax Wand is the ideal tool to achieve it.

Brow down, people - on fleek eyebrows await.

How do you put your best brow forward?