Constantly suffering from headaches? These 6 things could be the reason.

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There’s a reason why the term ‘woman flu’ doesn’t exist – because we know life doesn’t stop when we’re sick.

But unfortunately, we’re still mere mortals -and when a cracking headache strikes, they can stop you in your tracks from getting on with your life.

So here’s six reasons why you get those awful pangs in your head – and six ways to prevent them.

You’re welcome.

1. Stress.

According to Better Health Channel, tension headaches are the most common kind of headaches (we see you nodding). They feel like a tight band of pressure that’s wrapped around your head.

Stress will worsen a headache in many ways. It can tighten your muscles in the upper back, shoulder, neck and head region. It can lower your tolerance to pain. And your level of endorphins may be reduced (which can release natural pain-relieving chemicals).

You can deal with stress though. Make sure you get enough sleep every night. Keep up with exercise – yoga is especially good for this. Do relaxing activities such as meditation or get a massage. Also, remember to take deep breaths, and go for walks in the fresh air when you feel your stress levels start to rise.

2. Dehydration.

Yep, it’s an obvious one, but it’s also a common cause of niggling headaches, according to The Mayo Clinic. Most of us need to drink more water – so have a water bottle with you at work and at home (I have some in my car too).

In the same vein, caffeine withdrawal can also cause headaches. So if you’re drinking too much coffee or tea, your body may be affected when you stop. Just swap some of those caffeinated drinks for water and kill two birds with the one stone.

3. Bad posture.

This is worse in people who sit hunched over a desk all day – but is a problem for everyone. Health Direct claims that bad posture can put unnecessary strain on your back and neck muscles, which in turn gives you a headache.

To combat bad posture you can do back weights to build strength in your back muscles so they naturally pull your shoulder blades back. Stretch out your back at least once a day. And when you’re walking, standing or sitting, imagine a string pulling you up from the centre of your head and stand straight.


For misalignments, muscle tension can refer pain to your head. To treat musculosketal problems you may need to go to a specialist for physiotherapy or chiropractic work.

4. A tight ponytail.

If you have fine hair, you’re more susceptible to hair strain – and the only way to avoid this one is to not put your hair up in the morning.

But if you’re really having a bad hair day and you just can’t have it hanging over your ears, put it in a loose bun or ponytail – do fewer loops with your hair band and let your hair hang loosely in the elastic grip.

5. Eye problems.

If you’re straining to see the screen in front of you or the sign down the road, then WebMD says you’re literally straining your eye muscles. You squint and pull on the muscles to try and get better focus on whatever you’re trying to read. Eye disease like glaucoma is a cause of headaches because it refers pain in to the head’s structure.

Most eye problems can be treated with glasses and contact lenses. You can get fancy ones so you look trendy (and headache free) too.

6. Dental or jaw problems.

This is one that most people don’t know about. If your teeth don’t meet up properly it can cause muscle tension in the jaw and in turn cause you to have a headache (or constant headaches), according to Better Health Channel. Treatment in this case can vary – you may need to correct your bite, replace missing teeth or in really bad cases, you may need surgery.

Which of these works best for you? 

Here are some celebs rocking glasses, just in case you thought you were the only one:

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