How to find out what Google knows about you.

What does Google know about you?

Google knows that I found a video of a woman sitting in a custard bath at 10:28am on YouTube this morning and that I watched thirteen videos of Kim Kardashian last week. Ballin’.

A new feature has been released that allows users to review all the information the search engine stores about them in one location.

Users can access their search history, the links they clicked on after searches and even track the routes they took while using Google Maps.

Source: Google/Screenshots.

The feature is available to users who have incorporated gmail into their browser but not to those who use the search engine without signing in.

To view what Google knows about you.

Sign in here.

Clicking the three dots will offer the option to delete. Source: Google/Screenshots.

The function also simplifies deleting one's internet history by placing all the information in one location.

"You can easily delete specific items or entire topics. You can also change your settings and decide what data gets associated with your account," the greeting message says.

The staff at MM share some of their not-so saucy searches. Post continues after video.

Users can flick between gmail accounts in order to view what has been on viewed under each account.

Google does not automatically collect all data  without an individual's explicit consent.

Users must login and agree to being tracked before they can view things such as location information.

Happy googling!