'I'm a lifestyle writer. Here are my 4 tips to elevate any outfit.'

Thanks to our brand partner, Specsavers

Have you ever just wanted to shop 'til you drop? 

Because same. As cringy as that phrase may be (and I do apologise for even uttering the words), it's as true as ever. 

But with endless options and a stringent budget in a fast-paced trend-filled world, it's no easy feat to build the perfect outfit capsule that can go the distance; through any fast fashion era and micro trend.

Style is changing faster than we have ever seen it move before and as exciting as that is, it can also be just a tiny bit intimidating. 

But don't fret, because I have felt the exact same way. As someone with too much time on their hands and a lot of mental investment in how to get the best of our wardrobes, I've done the hard work for us. 

After plenty of personal experimenting, here are the 4 best ways to consider for elevating your wardrobe.

Invest in versatile pairs of glasses. 

There's nothing better than a few perfect pairs of glasses to have on rotation, and add flair to an outfit. Whether you're wearing them with sweatpants or two-piece suit, they're bound to elevate any look. 

Whether you're going for a vibe that's clean and timeless, or more of a bold statement piece, glasses are such a fun and instant way to refine your look. 

Which makes it all the more exciting that this August, Specsavers is launching a new collection of frames in collaboration with Australian accessories brand Mimco. As someone who's always depended on Mimco for the perfect birthday gift, this new collection comes RIGHT on schedule. 


The new Mimco range includes 13 optical frames and 7 pairs of sunglasses – meaning you'll find plenty of options that speak to your individual style. The new collection combines quality, sustainably minded, well-made pieces with timeless and iconic designs, something Specsavers delivers well from their other collections with local Australian designer brands and international names like Alex Perry, Carla Zampatti, Country Road, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Using glasses to elevate your style can still fit into a savey budget, as Specsavers offers 2 pairs of glasses from $199 (including single vision lenses, too).

Here are a few of my personal recommendations from their new collection: 

Mimco CRY Green, $199.

Image: Specsavers.


These pastel green glasses are gorgeous for anyone wanting a sophisticated addition of colour with a more understated feel. The top of the frames mirrors the curve of the brow, flared at the hinge to accentuate the eyes – plus they're crafted from semi-transparent, sage green mint to elevate many colour palettes from your existing wardrobe.

Mimco SUN RX SHY Black White, $249. 

Image: Specsavers.


Now this serves as your bold and timeless shape that never goes out of style. The iconic Mimco logo (reminiscent of Mimco's signature webbing bag straps) is a statement of itself, in a versatile black and white combination. This pair has the classic rectangular cat eye that frames the face and delivers that girl boss energy.

Invest. In. A. Steamer.

I know, I know! Being told to iron or steam your clothes is a line that comes right out of a (my) mother's handbook. 

However, taking that extra five minutes to steam or press your outfit each morning adds instant polish to even our most worn pieces. 

As someone who didn't believe the hype until my housemate bought a steamer on sale, just trust me when I say it's not a want... it's a need.

Layers upon layers upon layers. 

Hear me out: I don't necessarily mean wearing all of your favourite pieces at the same time. We're not lightening our carry-on luggage!

What I actually mean: it's important to invest your hard-earned coin into layering pieces you can enjoy all of (or a large portion of!) the year, in order to a) maximise its role in your wardrobe, and b) lower its cost per wear. Always that cost of living in mind! So, think transeasonal pieces that you're less likely to say adieu to and "put away" for months at a time. 


If you don't know what that actually means, bear with me. 

Layering transeasonal pieces can be as simple as a scarf, belt, leather jacket, pair of loafers or midi denim skirt. They can be whipped out and layered for several different climates (10 points to you if 3 out of the 4 seasons in the year!), as well as different occasions. 

If you keep this in mind when filling the gaps in your wardrobe, it can truly elevate the way you shop.

When in doubt, try a blazer. 

The corporate girl aesthetic has secured its spot in our steadfast wardrobe stapes of 2023. At the best of times and at the worst of times, a blazer is truly there for us. 

In our most dire moments of need is our ye old faithful double-breasted. When we think we don't need it... there it sits, in black or brown or grey or green, waiting for us to slide it with any trousers, chunky knit, miniskirt, flared jean moment or midi dress.

Realistically, a tailored jacket is a true secret weapon. It elevates an outfit, and makes it appropriate for literally any occasion you're running off to (weekend away, work day or evening event). 

Shop the new range of Mimco eyewear at your local Specsavers.

Feature Image: Mamamia/Specsavers/fayt the label/Acne.

Mimco Eyewear now found at Specsavers. Available online and in Specsavers stores nationally priced from $199 for 2 pairs single vision.