How to upgrade your toddler's room from nursery to "big kid" bedroom.

Cute designs like this a perfect for upgrading to a ‘big kid’ room.



The first year of motherhood is a roller coaster ride of unending adjustments and learning experiences.

We all focus so much on getting the baby home to the perfect nursery that little to no thought goes into the next phase, the almighty Toddler stage.

I remember actually crying when I had to dismantle my daughter’s cot. We had of course, kept it sitting there in the corner as a contingency plan while we transitioned her to the “big bed”, but being such an independent little miss, we need not have bothered. There it sat, like a shining beacon, signifying the end of my baby girls’ infant stage.

She was a big girl now and wanted, and I quote, “A room for a Princess.” She was RIGHT into The Little Mermaid and I was powerless to stop her (or myself) from redesigning it just as she requested.

There is that period of time between newborn and “big girl” that you as a parent sometimes don’t plan for. That time when they stop being helpless, dependent little humans and gain their own independence.

Suddenly they’re not only sitting up, they’re taking off. They’re crawling, they’re walking and without warning, they’re running. They have personalities and their room is no longer just for simply sleeping in, it’s for playing and hanging out in, it becomes a reflection of their burgeoning personalities.

The thing is, a nursery, for a newborn, really doesn’t need all that much in the way of furniture. Let’s face it, they really only need somewhere to sleep and put their clothes. They aren’t exactly holding tea parties or taking up much space physically.


As expectant parents, we put so much effort into getting the nursery just right. If we know the sex of the baby we decorate it accordingly and if it’s a happy mystery, we play it safe with lots of varied colours and themes. Either way, we often painstakingly plan it and imagine bringing our newborn home to our own little version of heaven.

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The good news is though, if you buy the furniture fundamentals at birth, the transition from baby to toddler need not be difficult or expensive. Especially if you shop online.

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING you can think of is available to make the changeover smooth.

For instance, if you want to go from THIS:


You can do so with very little effort and/or money

To break it down, so you too can achieve this adorable toddler bedroom.

Here’s what you’ll need…

This is only the smallest selection of what is on offer at The best thing about it is that new products are offered everyday, often at ridiculously low prices, so if you’re anything like me you’ll keep checking back daily to see if anything new catches your eye.

It would be wonderful if we could keep them little forever but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

What are your simple tricks to brighten up a room?

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