This is what a $200,000 kids' room looks like.

It’s just as amazing as you would imagine.

$200,000. For most of us it’s a tidy deposit on a property. Except for some kids, this is the price tag their parents are dropping on renovating their bedrooms.

I’m pretty sure I just heard the sound of your jaw smacking the floor.

Designer Dahlia Mahmood says when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, cost is just not a barrier for the majority of her clients.

The room in the gallery below was constructed for Stella, 4, and Presley, 2. It comes with a faux gem-encrusted performance stage, a tree-house loft, a mini-French café and sits on $20,000 carpet.

“It’s going to be a pink explosion, with hearts and bows and crowns and tassels,” says their mother Lindsay Dickhout, CEO of a tanning product company.

“They have their whole lives to think practically and be efficient in the real world. This is about being creative I’m not worried at all worried about them becoming princesses,” she continued.

Please excuse me while I pop my eyeballs back into my head.

What do you think is a reasonable budget for a kids room?

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These images originally appeared on Dahlia Interiors and have been republished here with full permission.

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