How to quickly overhaul your bathroom now you've got extra time on your hands.

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We’ve all been there.

You’ve decided to finally try that fancy new face mask that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. (Because nothing says special occasion like being stuck in the house for weeks on end).

You cleanse your skin, pop your hair back with a scrunchie, and prepare for a lil’ bit of pampering.

Except… except… you can’t find the face mask.

You’ve looked in the first drawer, underneath the six bottles of half-used foundation and the 4859 loose cotton buds.

You’ve searched in the third drawer behind the four different types of hair spray, you’ve even bent down and peered under the sink, hoping it might have fallen behind the curling iron you bought in 2016 and haven’t touched since.

But you can’t find the goddamn mask anywhere.

Your bathroom is Marie Kondo’s worst nightmare and you’re genuinely scared that before lockdown is over, you’ll be buried under a mountain of damp towels and half-used fancy face serums.

Luckily, this self-isolation period is the perfect time to tackle your bathroom… situation, like the decluttering queen you know you are deep down inside.

Thankfully, Bunnings has a bunch of nifty items in their Mondella bathroom range, that will help your bathroom go from a cluttered mess to a soothing sanctuary with minimal effort.

Here’s how you can easily declutter your bathroom and finally get to that pampering session (while you’ve got all the time in world):


1. Install a shower shelf, for some #Shelfies.


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Are you sick of bending down to pick up your conditioner bottle off the floor, while shampoo gets in your eyes? Have you knocked over and wasted your expensive body wash more times than you’d like to admit? Now is the perfect time to finally install a nifty little shelf in your shower.

Not only will it make your time in the shower more efficient (and less painful), but you’ll finally be able to post a #shelfie to Instagram. Because that is exactly the kind of premium content your 356 Instagram followers need in their life right now.


The Mondella Resonance Chrome Glass Shelf (just $49) and the Mondella Matte Black Rumba Shower Shelf ($78.75), which are permanent fixtures for your bathroom, will take your shower from a health hazard to a blissful retreat in no time.

2. Organise your drawers.


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Now, this is where you really need your inner Marie Kondo to shine.


Instead of chucking everything into your drawers and hoping for the best, grab some storage solutions and turn them into an organisational freak’s dream.

There are some great storage boxes available at most homewares stores, which can be used to help you separate your night serums from your day face moisturisers, and your eye creams from your concealers.

A cosmetic organiser will help you sort out your ever-growing makeup stash.

3. Declutter your vanity.

There’s nothing more calming than walking into a room and knowing that everything is where it should be.

Once you’ve sorted out your storage and drawer organisation, you can turn your attention to making your vanity an #Instaworthy space.

Store a few of your favourite products on a Terrazzo tray, add some ambience with a candle from Palm Beach Collection (Coconut and Lime is perfect for the bathroom), and grab a plant from the Bunnings Garden Centre to add a pop of colour.

how to declutter your bathroom
Match your tray to your taps for some extra style. Image: Mondella.

4. Get those towels off the floor.

If you share a bathroom with more than one person, towel rack space can quickly become scarce.

Now's the perfect time to finally install that second towel rack, or replace the one that's been barely hanging onto the wall since 1989.

The Mondella Matte Black Rococo Towel Rack (just $31.40) and the Mondella 60cm Chrome Resonance Double Towel Bar ($44.10) will get those towels off the floor and give you plenty more bathroom floor space for recording your Tik Tok videos or fringe-cutting tutorials... if that's what you're into.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

how to declutter your bathroom
Check out those chrome towel racks, to the right. Image: Mondella.
how to declutter your bathroom
For smaller towels, a Rococo towel ring ($34.23) is another great idea. Image: Mondella.

5. Add some personality.


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Once you've decluttered your bathroom and made some space, you can add a few pieces to turn it into your own little clutter-free, prettied-up sanctuary.

If you're after a circular mirror to open up the space but don't want to spend a fortune, Mondella's Resonance Round Mirror ($79) is an easy flat pack option you can fix into the wall.


Grab a Boston Fern, add some baskets, and pop a Nudie Rudie bath mat from Sage and Clare down on the floor.


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Then get ready to relax and pamper yourself in your own little slice of bathroom paradise.

What are your tips for decluttering your bathroom space?

Feature image: Mondella.


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