A butcher says he has the secret to cooking the perfect turkey.

It’s time to turn the way you are cooking your Christmas turkey on its head.

No, seriously, turn that bird upside down, because a butcher has guaranteed that’s the best way to cook your bird.

roast turkey
The perfect turkey is only a 180 degree flip away. Image via iStock.

Sydney butcher Adam Stratton, who runs Tender Value Meats Butcher Chain, says the method is "fool proof".

"When people complain of a dry turkey, it’s because they cook it the wrong way. You need to start cooking the turkey breast side down," he said.


"Put another way, get its bum in the air. It’s guaranteed to work."

upside down turkey
This...this looks about right. Image via iStock.

Stratton is often asked by customers the secret to the perfect turkey. He recommends these tips:

  • If using a frozen turkey, don't leave it until the last minute to thaw out. A big turkey could take up to five days to properly thaw, so get that bird out of your freezer and into your fridge, ASAP.
  • Push a little butter under the skin, and add salt, pepper and olive oil to the outside of the turkey.
  • Cook the turkey breast side down. Bum up. With 500ml of chicken stock in the bottom of the pan to keep the whole thing moist.
  • The turkey should be loosely covered with foil, and flipped breast-side up without about half an hour to go.
  • Let your turkey rest for half an hour - covered in foil - before you serve it up for your family and friends.

There you have it: the perfect Christmas turkey. Save us a slice, please?