How to clean your sparkly Christmas party dress without destroying it.

Confession time: the dress I wore to the Mamamia Christmas Party is currently sitting in a heap at the bottom of my wardrobe.

I just… I don’t have the time (read: motivation/organisational skills) to have it dry cleaned. Because, well, who wants to take things to the dry cleaner when there is ample television to watch and Maltesers to eat?

Exactly. Nobody does.

So. Much. Goodness. (Images: ASOS)

Luckily for me - and every other lazy glitter admirer out there - there are ways to clean your fave sequin dress without destroying it.

1. Ditch the washing machine

Even a delicate machine wash could cause damage to your shimmery slip, so go without and hand wash in a basin instead.

It's super important you turn the dress inside out while you do this, so that the beads and sequins aren't agitated or scratched by friction. Too easy.

Helen Mirren would never chuck her gown into the washing machine. Neither should you. (Getty)

2. Key word: GENTLE

Even when you think you're being gentle, go gentler. Cold water temperatures and mild soaps work best with sparkly dresses, and will keep you from stripping the sequins of their metallic shine.

Experts advise allowing the soap flakes or powder to fully absorb in the water before putting your dress in.

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3. Drip dry

Whatever you do, DO NOT WRING YOUR DRESS OUT. Despite every part of your body telling you to do it, avoid the urge.

Instead, let your dress drip dry before laying it flat. This can take a decent amount of time, but it'll ensure your party frock isn't damaged or stretched out of shape.

And if you're the impatient type? Well, my friend, you and I are basically twins. You can lay your dress over a towel, and it'll speed up the whole process. Win, win, win, win, win.

What are your helpful washing tips? Let us know in the comments...

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