You've been cleaning your jeans all wrong

Step away from the washing machine. You’ve been putting your denim in the wrong appliance all this time

Trying to squeeze back into freshly-washed jeans is always a challenge. It’s also frustrating how easily denim can fade after just a few washes. Well, we have the key to cleaning perfect denim without causing it to shrink or fade. All you need is a common household appliance (not a washing machine!).  Be ready to be shocked.

Your favourite jeans are like a member of the family. They are one of the most important items of clothing you will ever own and when you find a pair that fits well and makes you look hot, then you’ll do anything to make them last as long as possible. And what about that cute denim jacket you can wear with anything and cost you a fortune?

How to clean jeans

How to clean denim clothes without ruining them is actually quite simple. The key to denim that lasts is to stop washing them immediately. You heard us. Never wash your jeans or denim jacket again. We're talking no dry cleaning, no washing machine cycles and no hand washing. Just stop it all.

The key to clean denim is to place your jeans or jacket in the freezer in a plastic zip-lock bag. That's right...fold them up and put them in the freezer right next to your lamb chops and mango sorbet.

We swear it's not gross.

Denim does not like to be washed. It cuts life-expectancy in half. By placing denim in the freezer the cold temperature kills all the bacteria and removes the smell. For extra stubborn food stains just spot clean them by dipping a tea towel or wash cloth in a little bit of water and laundry detergent. Even wet wipes work well.

Just try it once. We promise you'll be impressed.

Do you have any clever tips for cleaning your clothes?