How to choose the right mascara for your eyelashes.

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There’s a little secret that marketing gurus don’t want you to know about mascara.

You know those glossy advertisements that promise THICKER, EYE-OPENING, LONGER and STRONGER lashes?

Chances are it’s not going to be able to come through with the goods on all fronts.

You’re actually better off to go for a mascara that claims just ONE thing. So if you’ve got short lashes, buy a “lengthening” mascara. If you’ve got super-straight lashes like me, opt for a “curling” version. Fine lashes? Go for something that will “volumise”.

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Why? Well, because a single tube can only have so many effective ingredients. And often, the formula’s efficacy will be weakened if there’s too much shiz going on.

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Feeling a little confused? Let me explain. The best curling mascaras have some form of elastic technology or sugar polymer in them, helping to lift and curl the lashes, then set them into place. This coupled with a curved wand will get your lashes so curly, Shirley Temple would be proud.

The best volumising mascaras have fibers in them (which coat each individual lash) and usually have a big, barrel wand. This allows the maximum amount of product to be deposited, every time.

The best lengthening mascaras have plastic polymers that attach to the end of your lashes, and a thin, multi-bristled wand that is designed to stretch each lash to its maximum potential.

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If you already have beautiful long lashes that are just a bit sparse, go for an ink-black bees-wax formula that will define your lashes without making them look over-the-top.

And finally, if you want a mascara that separates your lashes, opt for a mascara with a comb-like wand. Makes sense, right?

So choose your weapon wisely, ladies.

What is your favourite mascara?