So you’ve given up on saving and want to cancel your Acorns account? This is how.

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So you’ve tried (and failed) at saving through Acorns and want to cancel your account?  (You’ll get zero judgement from us!)

But of course, like your mum when you’re over for dinner, the pocket-change investment service does not want you to leave and they make it bloody difficult to do so.

No doubt you’ve been scrolling and clicking through the app for several frustrating minutes, so we’ll cut straight to the chase.

Despite this not being clear on the app, cancelling your account can be done. And it’s relatively simple through a page the Acorns website.

The easiest way to get to this page is to scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage and click Close Your Account, which you’ll find among the list of tiny-font-sized links.  There’s also a link on the website’s Support page.

You’ll need to sign in first and then follow the prompts to cancel, but it’s fairly straightforward from there.


If you’re having any issues you could also call Acorns hotline on 1300 75 47 48 during business hours, or send an email through the contact form on the support page.

You’re welcome.

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