10 things we learnt about being single from Lee Lin Chin.

Hollywood films are constantly offering unsolicited life advice to single women, much of it conflicting.

They’ll tell you that while you’re obviously a goddess who has every right to spend all day in her pajamas eating litre upon litre of ice cream, you should also be out embracing your fabulous cosmopolitan-soaked single life with your equally fabulous friends.

Sure it’s 2015 now and you can have as much casual sex as you want, but at the end of the day, most of the films purporting to celebrate singledom bafflingly result in one thing: not being single any more.

Take Rebel Wilson’s new film for example, instructively titled “How To Be Single”, it’s apparently about how to, ah, be single… Great.

Watch the trailer here:

Video via Warner Bros.

From the trailer alone, I learnt that being a single woman means that men will buy you drinks, friendship with someone of the opposite sex is only friendship until you get ploughed with alcohol and inevitably let him plough you and pubic hair is totally gross.

There’s lots of good gags sure, but as far as offering sound advice for enjoying life on your own, for me personally, there was no where near enough coverage of how good it is sleeping diagonally on your bed and always having left overs in your fridge.

Being single can be great. It can also be shit. Sometime you get laid, sometimes you don’t. At the end of the day it’s about doing whatever the bloody hell you’d like though and no one knows that better than SBS newsreader and feminist hero Lee Lin Chin.

This week she talked about the search for love with Meng Fei, host of China’s most popular (brutal) dating show If You Are The One:

Video via SBS 2 Australia

Honestly, she should probably start a dating column and be done with it. In the mean time though, we can always look to her Twitter account.

Here’s what Lee Lin Chin has taught us about really, truly embracing single life.

1. You are your own best friend. Friends are great, but single life does not have to be an endless line up of brunches with your gal pals to be incredibly satisfying.

2. If you do happen to worry about not finding a partner, going on reality TV may not be the answer (although it did work out for Sam and Sash).

3. Tinder may not be the answer either.

4. Living alone is great. No talking, no sharing, no shame, really, it’s great. Embrace it. 

5. I know I said it wasn’t all about having casual sex, but it can be a bit about having casual sex. Just take your pick.

6. Or group sex. Group sex is good too.

6. Being single is not a life sentence foist upon you by your various neuroses, you can be single by choice (obviously).

7. It’s okay to get lonely sometimes.

8. Be confident, stupid.

9. Seriously, everyone is probably obsessed with you.

10. Own it. Chin-style.