15 sneaky ways to help you drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

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Having issues with pressing your snooze button too often? Try some of these helpful tips to wake up right away each morning.

1. Place your alarm clock across the room from you

Walking a little bit will wake you up (if only a fraction).

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2. Prepare everything for the next day the night before

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Having your clothes set out and your bag all packed for the day ahead of you will make your morning less stressful, and therefore it will be more bearable to wake up.

3. Make your alarm clock a fun and upbeat song

It’ll make you want to get out of bed and bust a move.

4. Write a motivational note on your phone

Putting a Post-It note on your phone will ensure that you see it before you hit the snooze button, giving you a little motivation in the morning.

One of these will do the trick... (post continues after gallery.)

5. Have a cup of water next to your bedside

Drink it, chug it or splash it on your face: water will give you a rejuvenating lift.

6. Know why you need to wake up

Knowing that you have an exam or that you need to go to the bank will give you more incentive to get out of bed so that you can complete all you have on your to-do list.

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7. Keep your schedule consistent

Having an essence of familiarity of what is to come will make waking up more manageable.

8. Keep your blinds open

If you can’t ignore the natural light with shut blinds then you will be more prone to wake up, even if it’s just to close them.

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9. Stretch right when your alarm goes off

Or dance...


Wake your body up and your mind will catch up at a faster pace.

10. Remind yourself that you have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé

If Queen B can wake up every morning and run the world then you certainly can do the same.

11. Reward yourself in the morning

Buy yourself a coffee every time you wake up on time or go out to a nice breakfast. You deserve a nice relaxing morning and if you wake up early enough then you can get it.

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12. Unplug an hour before bed

Instead of watching TV or scrolling through Facebook right before bed, unplug from electronics and read instead. It’ll allow you to go to sleep with more ease instead of being wired right before hitting the hay.

13. Morning sex (wink, wink)

Because there’s no better way to get your heart pumping in the morning.

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14. Get your workout out of the way

Hit the gym and start your day off right! Nothing will feel better.

15. Recruit your roommate/parent/partner to wake you up

Nothing gets you out of bed better than somebody annoying you until you have to get out of bed and slap them silly. So recruit somebody to wake you up in the morning. You may hate them when they’re doing what you asked them to, but you’ll thank them after you’re awake and have started your day.

How do you make sure you wake up in the morning?

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