The stocking hack that will end ladders forever.

It may not be chilly stocking weather, but how good are you going to feel going into next stocking season knowing how to avoid ladders.

It’s simple and will probably (hopefully) change your life. Or at least your stocking’s life expectancy.

No more toes holes. Imagei via iStock.

When you're shopping for stockings, make sure you buy good quality. Then when you get home - before wearing them, put them in the freezer and freeze them.

"Freezing your tights is a quirky, yet budget-savvy way to help keep your tights longer, [and stay] run-free, lint-free and vibrant in colour. It's definitely a trick to try!" celebrity stylist Denise Caldwell told Today.

Yup, freeze your stockings and they'll last longer. Here's how:

Get your stockings and take them out of their packaging or remove cardboard tag. Run them under water until they're damp. Put the damp stockings in to a plastic ziplock bag and put the stocking-filled bag in the freezer over night. Take them out of the freezer and give them a day to defrost and dethaw before you put them on.

Out of the bag and they're good to go. Image via iStock.

To avoid snags in your stockings we also recommend you stop putting them in the dryer.

"This breaks down the elasticity in the fabric, causing that dreaded roll-down-your-hips-and-belly-right-when-you-sit-down-for-a-nice-dinner moment," Ettiqutte Coach, Carrie Glenn told Today.

If you do get a ladder, here's how to fix it (Post continues after the video)...

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Don't worry you don't have to walk around in smelly stockings. Just handwash them instead.

Hopefully freezing and hand washing your stockings will mean no more snags, no more ladders and a much longer life for your leg warmers.

How often do you have to replace your stockings?