The 3 best blushes for people who hate blush.

If you grew up watching your mum apply blush in the 80s, a time when the harsh highly-coloured look was trending, then it’s understandable that the epic power look still haunts you.

It was a bad time in makeup land, and probably the reason why the 90s rebelled against all that colour with the resurgence of minimal/natural makeup.

3 makeup hacks to look more polished with minimal effort.

But blush has come along way in 30 years. Rather than being limited to hard-to-get right powders, there are cheek tints, gels, and blush sticks for the blush-phobes among us.

Before I get to my favourites, there are a few hard and fast rules to getting blush right. Namely, apply powder blushes over powders (apply foundation first, then a translucent powder), and tints and sticks work best over BB creams and dewy foundations (not over powdered complexions).

How to figure out which blush suits your skin type.

If you want to know where/ how to apply powdered blush, please enjoy this gif I made earlier. Sweep it from the apples of the cheek up to your temples. This helps to highlight the face, and a tapered brush will make the job so much easier.

But if powdered blushes aren't your thing, there are plenty of options. Here are my three favourites and how to apply them.

What are some of your favourite blush products?