The sexiest word in your financial vocabulary...

Joking, there’s nothing sexy about superannuation. Unless it’s Ryan Gosling explaining it to you, but even then…

When you don’t have a clue about how superannuation actually works, how can you expect to teach your kids about it?

Luckily you don’t have to. CommBank’s Start Smart program is available to teach your kids everything they need to know about setting themselves up for the future.

So press play, turn up the volume and start taking notes.

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What age do you start talking to your kids about financial concepts?

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Delivered by a national team of world-class facilitators, CommBank’s Start Smart workshops are designed to teach money management in a motivating and inspiring way. The aim is to equip students with the confidence and competence to make smart decisions about money.

The Start Smart program was founded in 2007 and each year it reaches over 285,000 students, making it the largest program of its kind in the world.

CommBank has recently extended its commitment to financial education by investing an additional $50 million over the next three years to enhance financial education programs across the country. This will enable more than 500,000 Start Smart student bookings annually from 2016.

Start Smart – changing the way young people learn about finance.

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