How often should you wash your jeans? The answer will surprise you.

How often do you wash your jeans?

Every day?

Once a week?

Once a month?


Chip Bergh, the CEO of denim brand Levis Strauss, has possibly settled the ‘how often should you wash your jeans’ debate FOR GOOD.

Speaking at a Fortune magazine conference, Bergh, 56, admitted that the year-old jeans he was wearing were “yet to see a washing machine.”

Obviously, this drew some weird/disgusted looks, so he went on to explain: “I know that sounds totally disgusting, I know it does. But believe me, it can be done.”

“You can spot clean it, you can air dry it, and it’s fine. I am yet to get a skin disease or anything else, it works.”

“If you talk to real denim aficionados they’ll tell you don’t wash your blue jeans, just take a sponge or toothbrush.”

Yeah, that’s probably not going to work if you have a toddler in your life.

Levi’s previously said you can ‘clean’ your jeans by freezing them. The company urges customers to put jeans in a plastic, zip-lock bag and put them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill the germs.

We’re not microbiologists or anything, but for now we’ll stick to washing them – albeit a little less often.

How often do you wash your jeans? Will this change your mind?

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