How much is too much to spend on the kids' Christmas presents?

At Christmas are dreams meant to be broken?

Iconic U.K. Toy store released it’s top gifts for 2015 and these were top of the list.

Skate and Sing Elsa (from Frozen), $80.

My Friend Freddy, $80.

i.Que Robot, $136.

Batmobile cars, $520.

Meccanoid G15 KS Robot, $921.

Is there something about this list that makes you go Ooh?

A present for Christmas can come in at $100 or be closer to $1000. The gift everyone is talking about this year is the Hoverboard which ranges in price from around $600 to over $1000. (Forget the cheap imitations because they may come in at around $200 but Choice Australia has warned they could explode or give electric shocks – they should be $300 for that lovely extra).

Watch the fellas below dance on hoverboards. Post continues after video. 

Video via davidmooretv

So what’s on your child’s list? What’s at the top of that  sweet little hand-written Christmas wish-list?


Perhaps a pencil case and school bag? Oh and maybe a few toy cars for the younger ones and a sticker book. Some bathers, beach gear and good books for the older ones? A mix of practical and pleasure.

This is what seems to be on the modern kid’s Christmas Wish-List.

Five nights at a holistic Bali villa to recalibrate from the stress of the year.

traveller snorkeling in the tropical sea at sunny day , tachai island , Thailand
Image: iStock.

iPhone 6 that starting at $1079.

Ipad, $1279.

Gym membership that’s “only $30 a week with a $200 joining fee”?

X-box, $500 plus games

Laptop, starting from $500

Tracy Island Playset, $150

Thomas and Friends wooden railway table and with playboard, $200.

Scooter, $209.

I know people who will spend around $200 on their children for Christmas and I’ve heard of people who will spend $1000 or more on ONE child.

What is going on? Are we okay with spending of money, sometimes money we put on credit, on children’s Christmas presents? Do they really need this stuff?

If they don’t get the $1079 iPhone, is the $400 set of speakers and Beats headphones a complete and utter disappointment?


Christmas is a time everyone wants to have fun, let the handbrake off a bit and, yes, it is a time of indulgence. But each year in my house I have noticed the costings of the wish-list increase. And each year in my house there are conversations about “Christmas realities”. Those chats are really fun.

Bit by bit the pricing has crept up into ridiculous territory that, in turn, has the potential to be met with a disappointment on December 25, because I simply will not, and cannot, spend that much money on presents in the name of Christmas.

But other people obviously do.

And I guess I’ll never know whether it makes Christmas day for their family a whole lot better than Christmas day for mine.