The ultimate Friends mystery, solved: this is how much Joey actually owes Chandler.

Image via Friends/NBC.

Every Friends fan will agree Joey and Chandler were the ultimate besties.

They were the roommate match from heaven, loved to play foosball together, and always had each other’s backs. But one question about their friendship has long remained unanswered… until now.

A Redditor called lincoln9659 decided to go there, writing: “In season 8 episode 22 of Friends, Joey is figuring out how much money he owes Chandler for rent, acting lessons, dance lessons, head shots, etc. After seeing the final number, Joey forgives Chandler for falling asleep during his movie and calls it even. How much did Joey owe Chandler?”

Lucky for us, a die hard ?Friends ?fan called ASmileThatKills crunched the numbers and figured it all out.

We know Joey didn’t make all that much money as a struggling actor, and he did love to eat quite a bit — always Chandler’s shout — so exactly how much money would he owe Chandler? Here’s the maths.  

We ask famous Aussies what their first job was. (Post continues after video.)

Acting expenses

Including head shots, acting lessons, dancing lessons, and voice coach sessions: total of $4000. #Worth it.


Living in Manhattan doesn't come cheap. At all. The $45,000 kind of 'not cheap'.


Water, electricity and gas comes to a grand total of $50,500. Ouch. (Post continues after gallery.)


As any Friends fan will know, Joey loves his food. Throughout the series, Chandler covers Joey every time they eat out or get coffee, as well as spotting Joey for all of his dates. The Reddit user estimated Joey owes Chandler around $39,000 for food expenses. Now, that is a lot of pizza.

The burglary

Remember the one where Joey got the entire apartment's furniture and electronics stolen when he was tricked by burglars and locked in a cupboard, and Chandler had to replace everything? $5,500. Oops.

Other expenses

When you factor in the time Chandler had to pay for Joey's hernia surgery, their phone bill and cable TV, the entire amount that Joey owes Chandler comes to...


But hey — friendship? It's priceless.

Are there any questions you have about Friends you wish you had an answer to?